File #: 17-097    Version: 1
Type: Budget Proposal Status: Passed
File created: 5/31/2017 In control: Judicial Council
On agenda: 7/28/2017 Final action: 7/28/2017
Title: Budget: Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget Change Proposals for Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, Judicial Council, Judicial Branch Facilities Program, Trial Courts, and Habeas Corpus Resource Center (Action Required)
Attachments: 1. 20170728-17-097, 2. 17-097 - Judicial Branch BCPs (Hon. Rubin)



Budget: Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget Change Proposals for Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, Judicial Council, Judicial Branch Facilities Program, Trial Courts, and Habeas Corpus Resource Center (Action Required)





The branch’s fiscal year 2018-2019 budget change proposals (BCP) aim to alleviate financial pressures on the judicial branch due to continued underfunding. The BCPs seen as a whole demonstrate that the branch’s current budget challenges disproportionately impact our most vulnerable populations such as the poor, people with limited English proficiency, children, and the elderly. The 2018-2019 BCPs below therefore reflect a branch-wide effort to improve the public’s access to justice through adequate staffing, expanded language access, safe, secure courthouses, and modern case filing and management technology. Each of the 2018-2019 BCPs should be fully funded, but given the state’s limited available resources, the Judicial Branch Budget Committee recognizes there must be prioritization. The Committee recommends adoption of the list in the order provided for submission to the Department of Finance by its September 1, 2017, deadline.





As of June 15, 2017, the Judicial Branch Budget Committee, upon recommendation of the delegated committees of the Judicial Council, recommend that the Judicial Council approve and prioritize the fiscal year (FY) 2018-2019 budget proposals for submission to the state Department of Finance. Further, the Administrative Director recommends that the Judicial Council:

1.                     Delegate authority to the Administrative Director to make technical changes to budget change proposals (BCPs) as necessary.

2.                     Prioritize all approved BCPs for submission to the state Department of Finance as follows:

a.                     Support for Trial Court Operations

b.                     Stabilization of Civil Assessment Revenue

c.                     Sustainability of the Immediate and Critical Needs Account

d.                     Trial Court Facilities Operations Costs/Statewide Security System and Equipment - Maintenance and Replacement

e.                     Court-Appointed Dependency Counsel

f.                     New Judgeships (AB 159) and Appellate Court Justices

g.                     Sustain Justice Edition Case Management System Replacement

h.                     Information Technology Projects

i.                     General Fund Support of Essential Statewide Programs and Services

j.                     Implementation of Language Access Plan

k.                     Supreme Court and Appellate Courts - California Court Appointed Counsel Projects

l.                     Appellate Court Facility Maintenance Program

m.                     Appellate Court Security

n.                     Self-Help Centers in Trial Courts

o.                     Self-Represented Litigants Statewide e-Services Solution

p.                     Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Juvenile Dependency Counsel

q.                     Single Sign-on Solution

r.                     Habeas Corpus Resource Center--Case Teams Staffing. Although the Judicial Council submits requests on behalf of the HCRC it was not prioritized, as the HCRC operates as an independent entity.

s.                     Funding for New Mandates (Trial Court Workload). This request is a placeholder as a portion of the request has not gone into effect.






Hon. David M. Rubin, Chair, Judicial Branch Budget Committee

Hon. James M. Humes, Vice Chair, Judicial Branch Budget Committee

Mr. Zlatko Theodorovic, Budget Services Office