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Meeting Name: Judicial Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 9/20/2022 10:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: San Francisco
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes Meeting Extra3: Captured Captioning Captured Captioning  
Meeting video: eComment: Not available  
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    OPEN SESSION (RULE 10.6(a)) — MEETING AGENDA Not available
    Attendance Not available
    Council Members Not available
    Call to Order Not available
    Call to Order Video Video
    Swearing in of New and Reappointed Judicial Council Members Video Video
    Approval of Minutes Video Video
22-143  MinutesMinutes of July 15, 2022, Judicial Council Meeting Not available
    Chief Justice’s Report Video Video
    Administrative Director’s Report Video Video
22-137  Information Only (no action required)Administrative Director’s Report Not available
    Judicial Council Internal Committee Presentations Video Video
22-141  Information Only (no action required)Presentation | Rules Committee Not available
22-142  Information Only (no action required)Written Reports Not available
    CONSENT AGENDA Video Video
    Approval of the Consent Agenda Not available
22-180  Budget ProposalAllocations and Reimbursements to Trial Courts | Funding for Increased Transcript Rates (Action Required) Not available
22-153  Budget ProposalEqual Access Fund | California Access to Justice Commission Grants (Action Required) Not available
22-156  Budget ProposalEqual Access Fund | Distribution of Funds for Partnership Grants and IOLTA-Formula Grants (Action Required) Not available
22-154  Budget ProposalEqual Access Fund | Distribution of New Funding for Housing and Consumer Debt Issues (Action Required) Not available
22-155  Budget ProposalEqual Access Fund | Federal Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Fund for Housing Issues-Distribution Report (Action Required) Not available
22-126  Other ProposalJudicial Branch Administration | Judicial Branch Contracting Manual (Action Required) Not available
22-115  Other ProposalJury Instructions | Criminal Jury Instructions (2022 Supplement) (Action Required) Not available
22-152  Budget ProposalJuvenile Law | Fiscal Year 2022-23 Funding Allocation for California Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (Action Required) Not available
22-173  Report to LegislatureReport to the Legislature | California Community Corrections Performance Incentives Act of 2009 (Action Required) Not available
22-176  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Appellate Procedure and Juvenile Law: Transfer of Jurisdiction to Criminal Court and Appeal From Transfer Orders (Action Required) Not available
22-157  Budget ProposalRules and Forms | CEQA Actions: New Projects and Fees for Expedited Review (Action Required) Not available
22-161  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Civil Law and Family Law: Request to Enter Default Forms Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (Action Required) Not available
22-162  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Court Records: Retention of Reporters’ Transcripts in Felony Appeals (Action Required) Not available
22-094  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Criminal Procedure: Motion and Order to Vacate Conviction or Sentence (Action Required) Not available
22-170  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Domestic Violence: Rule and Form Changes to Implement New Laws (Action Required) Not available
22-128  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Judicial Branch Education: Rules Review and Modernization (Action Required) Not available
22-133  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Revision of Unlawful Detainer Summons for Use in Forcible Entry and Forcible Detainer Cases (Action Required) Not available
22-134  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Family Law: Child Custody and Visitation in Cases Involving Abuse by Parent and Child Testimony (Action Required) Not available
22-160  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Family Law: Recognition of Tribal Court Orders Relating to Division of Marital Assets (Action Required) Not available
22-168  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Guardianship Objection (Action Required) Not available
22-165  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Juvenile Law: Housing and Food Security for Youth Exiting Foster Care (Action Required) Not available
22-171  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Juvenile Law: Restraining Orders (Action Required) Not available
22-164  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Juvenile Law: Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program Placement (Action Required) Not available
22-163  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Language Referring to Persons With Disabilities (Action Required) Not available
22-147  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Miscellaneous Technical Changes (Action Required) Not available
22-146  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Miscellaneous Technical Changes to Criminal Rules and Forms (Action Required) Not available
22-135  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Parentage Actions Under AB 429 (Action Required) Not available
22-169  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Probate Conservatorship (Action Required) Not available
22-167  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Probate Guardianship and Juvenile Dependency Information and Referral (Action Required) Not available
22-159  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Protective Orders: Elder Abuse Forms Implementing New Cause of Action Allowing Contact (Action Required) Not available
22-175  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Protective Orders: Gun Violence Forms Implementing Statutory Amendments Permitting Remote Appearances and Modifying the Definition of Firearms (Action Required) Not available
22-149  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Remove Reporting Requirement for Courts With Mandatory Electronic Filing (Action Required) Not available
22-166  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms | Small Estate Disposition (Action Required) Not available
    DISCUSSION AGENDA Not available
22-179  Information Only (no action required)Department of Finance Presentation (No Action Required. There are no materials for this item.) Video Video
22-151  Budget ProposalJudicial Branch Technology | Court Technology Modernization Funding, Fiscal Years 2021-22 and 2022-23 (Action Required) Video Video
22-138  Budget ProposalTrial Court Budget | 2022-23 Assembly Bill 177 Allocation Methodology (Action Required) Video Video
22-181  Budget ProposalAllocations and Reimbursements to Trial Courts | Funding for Court Reporters in Family Law and Civil Law Case Types (Action Required) Video Video
22-148  Information Only (no action required)Court Facilities | Trial Court Facility Modifications Report for Quarter 4 and Annual Summary for Fiscal Year 2021-22 Not available
22-150  Other ProposalJudicial Branch Education | Report on Compliance With Education Rule for Justices and Judges Not available
22-037  Other ProposalTrial Courts | Annual Investment Report for Fiscal Year 2021-22 Not available
    Public Comment Video Video
    Circulating Orders Not available
22-139  Circulating OrderCirculating Orders since the last business meeting. Not available
    Appointment Orders Not available
22-140  Appointment OrderAppointment Orders since the last business meeting. Not available
    Adjournment Not available
    Respectfully submitted by Administrative Director Martin Hoshino, Secretary to the Judicial Council, on December 2, 2022. Not available