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Meeting Name: Judicial Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 11/17/2017 9:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Sacramento
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
Meeting video: eComment: Not available  
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    OPEN SESSION (RULE 10.6(A)) — MEETING AGENDA Not available
    Attendance Not available
    Council Members Not available
    Call to Order Video Video
    Public Comment Video Video
    Approval of Minutes Video Video
17-173  MinutesMinutes of the September 14-15, 2017, Judicial Council meeting. Not available
    Chief Justice’s Report Video Video
    Administrative Director’s Report Video Video
17-174  Information Only (no action required)Administrative Director’s Report Not available
    Remarks from the Chief Justice and the Administrative Director on the Northern California Wildfires Not available
    Judicial Council Statewide Update Not available
17-228  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Members’ Statewide Updates Not available
    Judicial Council Committee Presentations Video Video
17-175  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Committee Reports Not available
    Judicial Council Members’ Liaison Reports Video Video
17-177  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Members’ Liaison Reports Not available
    CONSENT AGENDA Video Video
    Approval of the Consent Agenda Not available
17-182  Other ProposalJudicial Branch Administration: Judicial Branch Workers’ Compensation Program (Action Required) Not available
17-183  Rules ProposalLanguage Access: Language Access Representatives and Language Access Services Complaints (Action Required) Not available
17-188  Budget ProposalJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Annual Report of Court Facilities Trust Fund Expenditures, 2016-17 (Action Required) Not available
17-189  Report to LegislatureJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Dual-Status Youth Data Standards Working Group Report (Action Required) Not available
17-191  Budget ProposalJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund Expenditures for 2016-17 (Action Required) Not available
17-192  Budget ProposalJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Statewide Collection of Delinquent Court-Ordered Debt for Fiscal Year 2016-17 (Action Required) Not available
17-196  Other ProposalUniform Bail and Penalty Schedules: 2018 Edition (Action Required) Not available
17-200  Other ProposalJury Instructions: New, Revised, Renumbered, and Revoked Civil Jury Instructions and Verdict Forms (Action Required) Not available
17-202  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Access to Juvenile Case File for Purposes of Appellate Proceedings (Action Required) Not available
17-203  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Temporary Emergency Gun Violence Restraining Orders (Action Required) Not available
17-204  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Authorization for Fees for Electronic Filing and Service in the Appellate Courts (Action Required) Not available
17-205  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation (Criminal Procedure): Electronic Arrest and Search Warrants (Action Required) Not available
17-206  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Uniform Hourly Rate for Community Service in Lieu of Infraction Fine (Action Required) Not available
17-207  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Modernization of Civil Statutes (Action Required) Not available
17-208  Other ProposalJudicial Council: 2017 Legislative Policy Summary (Action Required) Not available
17-212  Other ProposalAccess to Visitation Grant Program: Funding Allocation for Federal Grant Fiscal Years 2018-19 through 2020-21 (Action Required) Not available
17-213  Form ProposalFamily Law: Technical Changes to Bifurcation Forms (Action Required) Not available
17-214  Rule/Form ProposalFamily Law: Technical Changes to Limited Scope Representation Rule and Form (Action Required) Not available
17-215  Form ProposalChild Support: Revise Income Withholding for Support and Related Instructions (Action Required) Not available
17-216  Rules ProposalRules: Electronic Filing and Service (Action Required) Not available
17-217  Rule/Form ProposalRules and Forms: Miscellaneous Technical Changes (Action Required) Not available
17-218  Budget ProposalTrial Courts: Children’s Waiting Room Fund Balance Cap Adjustments (Action Required) Not available
17-219  Other ProposalJudicial Branch Administration: Sabbatical Request for Hon. John P. Doyle (Action Requested) Not available
17-220  Report to LegislatureJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Disposition of Criminal Cases According to Race and Ethnicity of the Defendant (Action Requested) Not available
17-222  Rules ProposalAppellate Procedure: Format for Reporters’ Transcripts Delivered in Electronic Form (Action Required) Not available
17-223  Budget ProposalTrial Court Allocations: Trial Court Trust Fund Funds Held on Behalf of the Trial Courts (Action Required) Not available
17-224  Other ProposalSubordinate Judicial Officers: Deferrals of Conversions to Judgeships (Action Required) Not available
17-226  Other ProposalTri-Annual Review of Judicial Council Governance Policies and Principles (Action Required) Not available
    EDUCATIONAL AGENDA Not available
17-198  Information Only (no action required)Family Law: Judicial Council Education Session Video Video
    DISCUSSION AGENDA Not available
17-211  Other ProposalJudicial Branch: Quarterly Report on the Judicial Council’s Court Innovations Grant Program, Fiscal Year 2017-2018, Quarter 1 (No Action Required) Not available
17-209  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council: 2018 Legislative Priorities (Action Required) Video Video
17-127  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Report of Allocations and Reimbursements to the Trial Courts Not available
17-128  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Allocation of the State Level Reserve in the Trial Court Trust Fund Not available
17-179  Information Only (no action required)Court Facilities: Lease-Revenue Bond Issuance, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Not available
17-181  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Status of the Phoenix Program, 2016 Not available
17-186  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Electronic Recording Equipment Not available
17-187  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Recidivism Reduction Fund Court Grant Program Not available
17-195  Information Only (no action required)Trial Courts: Quarterly Investment Report for Third Quarter of 2017 Not available
17-201  Information Only (no action required)Court Facilities: 2016-17 Trial Court Facility Modification Advisory Committee Annual Report Not available
17-210  Information Only (no action required)Government Code Section 68106: Public Notice by Courts of Closures or Reduced Clerks’ Office Hours (Gov. Code, § 68106-Report No. 44) Not available
17-221  Information Only (no action required)Court Records: Trial Court Records Manual Update Not available
    Appointment Orders Not available
17-225  Appointment OrderAppointment Orders Not available
    In Memoriam Not available
    Adjournment Not available