Meeting Name: Judicial Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 12/11/2015 8:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: San Francisco
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    OPEN SESSION (RULE 10.6(A))—MEETING AGENDA Not available
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    Opening Remarks from the Chief Justice Not available
    Introduction of New Judges Orientation Faculty and Participants Not available
    Approval of Minutes Video Video
15-442  MinutesMinutes of the October 27, 2015, Judicial Council Meeting Not available
    Chief Justice’s Report Video Video
    Administrative Director’s Report Video Video
15-443  Information Only (no action required)Administrative Director’s Report Not available
    Judicial Council Committee Reports Video Video
15-444  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Committee Reports Executive and Planning Committee Hon. Douglas P. Miller, Chair Policy Coordination and Liaison Committee Hon. Kenneth K. So, Chair Rules and Projects Committee Hon. Harry E. Hull, Jr., Chair Judicial Council Technology Committee Hon. Marsha G. Slough, Chair Not available
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    Written Comment Not available
    Information Session (Rule 10.6(a)) Not available
15-448  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Branch Technology Update: Statewide and Court Technology Advancements (No Action Required. There are no materials for this item.) Video Video
15-449  Information Only (no action required)Court Innovations Serving the Public and Greater Efficiency: One Day Divorce and Five Minute “FOAHs,” Superior Court of Sacramento County (No Action Required. There are no materials for this item.) Video Video
    Consent Agenda Video Video
15-410  Other ProposalCourt Facilities: Public Parking Rate Increase in Los Angeles County and Transition from Free to Paid Parking at the Superior Court of Orange County’s Harbor Justice Center (Action Required) Not available
15-412  Other ProposalCourt Facilities: Judicial Council Policy Limiting the Acceptance and Purchasing of Art for Court Facilities (Action Required) Not available
15-416  Other ProposalCourt Records: Electronic Signature Standards and Guidelines-Update to the Trial Court Records Manual (Action Required) Not available
15-431  Other ProposalTraffic: Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules, 2016 Edition (Action Required) Not available
    Judicial Branch Administration: Audit Report for Judicial Council Acceptance (Action Required) Not available
15-422  Report to LegislatureJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 (Action Required) Not available
15-423  Report to LegislatureJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Statewide Collection of Delinquent Court-Ordered Debt for FY 2014-2015 (Action Required) Not available
15-419  Report to LegislatureJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Standards of Timely Disposition Published in the 2015 Court Statistics Report (Action Required) Not available
15-418  Report to LegislatureJudicial Council Report to the Legislature: Annual Report of Court Facilities Trust Fund Expenditures (Action Required) Not available
15-415  Other ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation (Criminal Justice Realignment): Court Jurisdiction Over and Calculation of Time During Supervision Revocation (Action Required) Not available
15-417  Other ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Disposition of the San Pedro Courthouse (Action Required) Not available
15-436  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Juvenile Competency (Action Required) Not available
15-429  Other ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Two Percent Reserve Held in the Trial Court Trust Fund (Action Required) Not available
15-440  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Provisional Qualifications of American Sign Language Interpreters (Action Required) Not available
15-433  Legislative ProposalJudicial Council: 2015 Legislative Policy Summary (Action Required) Not available
15-414  Other ProposalJury Instructions: New, Revised, and Renumbered Civil Jury Instructions and Verdict Forms (Action Required) Not available
15-396  Other ProposalJudicial Council Forms - Gun Violence Restraining Orders (Action Required) Not available
15-420  Other ProposalProbate Conservatorship: Conservatees’ Capacity to Vote (Action Required) Not available
15-421  Other ProposalFamily and Juvenile Law: Southern California Inter-County Transfer Protocol with Modification of Form JV-550 (Action Required) Not available
15-432  Other ProposalJudicial Administration: Amendment to the Conflict of Interest Code for the Judicial Council (Action Required) Not available
15-438  Other ProposalCivil Forms: Disability Access Litigation (Action Required) Not available
    Discussion Agenda Not available
15-446  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council Facilities Update (No Action Required. There are no materials for this item.) Video Video
15-435  Other ProposalMental Health Issues Implementation Task Force: Final Report (Action Required) Video Video
15-413  Other ProposalJudicial Council: 2016 Legislative Priorities (Action Required) Video Video
15-430  Other ProposalTrial Court Trust Fund Allocations: 2 Percent State-Level Reserve (Action Required) Video Video
    Information Only Items (No Action Required) Not available
15-439  Information Only (no action required)Judicial Council: Implementation of Judicial Council Directives on Judicial Council Staff Restructuring Not available
15-441  Information Only (no action required)Government Code Section 68106: Public Notice by Courts of Closures or Reduced Clerks’ Office Hours (Gov. Code, § 68106-Report No. 35) Not available
15-409  Information Only (no action required)Court Facilities: Lease-Revenue Bond Issuance, Spring 2015 Not available
15-411  Information Only (no action required)Court Facilities: Trial Court Facility Modification Advisory Committee Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Annual Report Not available
15-434  Information Only (no action required)Court Facilities: Trial Court Facility Modification Quarterly Activity Report for Quarter 1 of Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Not available
15-437  Information Only (no action required)Trial Courts: Quarterly Investment Report for Third Quarter of 2015 Not available
    Adjournment Video Video
    In Memoriam Not available
    Adjournment Not available
    Respectfully submitted by Administrative Director Martin Hoshino, Secretary to the Judicial Council, on February 23, 2016. Not available